A Svigos Family Tradition Since 1979

We began in 1979 with our original location at 2626 Devon Avenue, on the corner of Devon and Talman,  in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood. Initially named North Water Market, the name changed and is now known as Fresh Farms International Market.

The Fresh Farms Juice Bar…

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Fresh Carrot Juice available daily.

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Fresh Squeezed Oranges Daily!

Coconut Water

Fresh Young Coconuts.

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Between the fresh produce, feta, and the meats, I have never found the quality to be lacking.  I’m always pleased at the longevity of some of the veggies I buy.  Fresh Farms has been my go-to grocery store for years now. I do recommend shopping here.

Jennifer M

This is my grocery store! The selection of imports is phenomenal! They have a wide variety of goods at great prices! I come here every week for their fresh produce, diverse cheese and deli, and other hard to find items. Love the ready to eat options as well.

Vanessa A


WHOA, Fresh Farms is AMAZING!  This grocery store is massive, with what seems like endless rows of produce, an extensive selection of meats and cheeses, a deli counter of all of the brands that ever exists, and aisles and aisles of international goodies galore!  There is even a section of baked goods, such as pastries, cheesecakes, and breads.

Hannah H



Regular grocery store a bore and driving everywhere to ethnic markets a chore, then Fresh Farms is the happy medium. Cue the music of “It’s a Small World”….European butter, cheese, yogurt, chocolate and vacuumed sealed, countertop, or just plain wrapped smoked meats! Big bags of cardamon-fennel-and I don’t know seeds and spices, rice, tumeric powder and lentils of all color and shapes. Parle-G! Medjool dates, hazelnuts, walnut, almonds slivered, whole or sliced! Candy and cookies in different languages. Fresh sardines, octopus, langoustine (is it a giant shrimp or a mini-lobster), pig’s head, salmon head, lox, shark.

Jackie M



My favorite grocery store!  I simply love this place, they have variety of imported foods from all over the world , all kinds of fresh meat, freshly baked bread, and huge selection of homemade European cakes.  Also all of their employees are very helpful.  The place itself is very clean.  I would highly recommend this store.

Ashley L



Best. Groceries. Ever.
I’m passionate about groceries since my family loves some good food, finding a great grocery store is tantamount to finding gold for me.  I usually frequently shop at the one on Touhy or Devon, but since moving west…this place is right down the street from me. It’s located in a strip mall sort of area along with a couple of other shops.

Amina A



8203 W. Golf Rd (Niles/Glenview)

5740 W Touhy Ave (Niles)

20 S Milwaukee Ave. (Wheeling)

2626 W Devon Ave (Chicago)

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