We Bring the World to your Table

Good in, Good Out

Have you ever tried to make a delicious cake with low-grade butter, sugar or flour? Our family still makes all of our home cooked meals by hand, and from scratch; we get it. With any process of production, the resulting product is only as good as the initial input. We are the only company in Chicago that maintains a separate team of buying specialists for each and every location that aren’t only produce-buying experts, but are also experts regarding what their community wants from a produce market.

Our produce buyers wake up each and every single morning before dawn to be able to touch, smell, and see the products that will be sold at our locations that very same day; only the most aromatic, delicious produce makes it through the doors of your community’s Fresh Farms. Fresh Farms is the only retail produce company in the Chicagoland area that places such a high priority on assuring that we acquire only the best produce available. The cost of impeccable produce is waking up before dawn; the reward rests in knowing that we assured only the best for your experience.