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Dear Fresh Farms Customers,

With this being the first installment of our weekly Thirsty Thursday blog, I think I owe you an explanation as to why Thursdays at Fresh Farms now sound like a college bar on dollar-beer night. With so many different ways to prepare each food item we have chosen to highlight from week to week, I thought it would be a nice change of pace if we dug deep into our bag of culinary tricks (although Google helps at times too) to show you a way to compliment the food item we have chosen, pairing it with a beverage or using the food item itself within a beverage.


Fresh Farms Philosophy on Alcoholic Beverages

At Fresh Farms, we appreciate each and every tasty treat that our world makes available. Although we appreciate both food and drink for their health benefits, positive social characteristics and enjoyable qualities we always respect them for what they are. If we ever suggest that a food item is to be paired with an alcoholic beverage, we insist that our customers consume it with utmost care and diligence. Although food and drink can, and should, be consumed in healthy moderation we understand that they can be consumed in unhealthy quantities. We at Fresh Farms appreciate your business, but we appreciate your health even more; please drink responsibly.



This week I have chosen to highlight the Velvety Butternut Cinnamon Date Smoothie as found on Yummy.com.

Velevety Butternut Cinnamon Date Smoothie


Nutritional Qualities

This is a recipe for a healthy, vegan-friendly smoothie that makes a nice addition to any breakfast. Since studies show that fruits are the healthiest choice for morning meals due the fact they are easily broken down by the digestive system, making this recipe a great way to kick-start your metabolism. Cinnamon, an ingredient within this recipe, also has beneficial qualities in that it raises one’s metabolism and is considered a pro-active defense against cancer.

NO ADDED SUGAR makes this recipe Diabetes-friendly; no need for additional insulin friends! Although there is no sugar added, the natural sugars within Dates and Butternut Squash should be considered when calculating any dosage of insulin according to your doctor’s recommendations.



Velevety Butternut Cinnamon Date Smoothie Ingredients


Velevety Butternut Cinnamon Date Smoothie Steps


Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 12.18.41 AM



Coming from a Greek culinary background where animal byproducts are a staple (consider the joke about lamb that is made in My Big Fat Greek Wedding) the word Vegan carries with it a bitter taste. At first I was tempted to add cream, milk, or even Greek Yogurt to this recipe for consistency but after following the directions step-by-step I realized there is no need for anything else! This drink is savory yet sweet, tasty yet healthy. Try making it yourself and if your have any suggestions for future beverages, let me know!


Dean Svigos
Fresh Farms International Market
Director of Marketing and PR

Velvety Butternut Cinnamon Date Smoothie Recipe | Yummly.” Yummly. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Jan. 2014.