We Bring the World to your Table



The term Deli, or Delicatessen, finds its root word in the Latin adjective delicatus, meaning, “giving pleasure, delightful, pleasing”. In the United States, the Jewish Deli’s of New York City gained fame for their selections of cold cuts. One will never find a deli of European origin in Chicago, or the country, that is as vast and complete as ours!

Our delightful European Delis offer a vast selection of imported and domestic products that will intrigue your mind as it stimulates your palate. Although we define ourselves as an International Produce Market, no other retail grocery store in Chicago can match the selection, or the quality, of our European Deli. We are proud to offer the following products, in order to satisfy the needs of our culturally diverse customers:


Custom Party Trays:

Mix and match any of the products we have for your next event, then
watch as we create a beautiful, custom Party Tray to your specifications. Call today and speak with our Deli Specialist about our tastefully artistic Custom Party Trays that will surely be the centerpiece of your next event and/or gathering! (Due to the varying prices of each product, our Deli Specialists will personally quote you a competitive price that is dependent on your selection of our premium products; remember that the more you order, the more our specialists will be able to work to lower the final price! (847) 484-1930Sizes:
Small- 12”
Medium- 16”
Large- 18”

Cold Cuts:

  • Thousands of products, in fact there are TOO many to even list!
  • We carry everything from the basics like Smoked Turkey Breast, to the less known yet equally tasty items like Greenridge Gypsy Ham, Head Cheese, Salo, etc.


  • Hundreds of Hard, Semi-Hard and Soft Cheeses.
  • Imported and Domestic Choices
  • Imported from: Russia, Poland, France, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Italy, and many more!
  • Over 30 types of Brie Cheeses from around the globe
  • 8 ft. Section dedicated to our premium Feta Cheese’s, imported and Domestic

Various Fish Products:

  • 8ft Section
  • Cold and Hot Smoked Fish
  • Premium Caviar
  • Premium Lox from around the world

Russian Selection:

добро пожаловать! Our selection of Russian Deli Goods is unmatched in Chicago as we have built it over the last four decades upon the requests and insights of our own Russian customers; stop by and see for yourself!

  • 300 Different Soft, Hard, and Cold Smoked Salami
  • Zakarpatskaya, Moscovskaya, Everyskaya, and more.
  • Russian Salo
  • Various Russian Head Cheeses

Polish Selection:

Powitanie! Our selection of Polish Deli Goods is among the vastest in the Chicagoland area as we have built it over the last four decades upon the requests and insights of our own Polish customers; stop by and see for yourself!

  • Polish imported Hard and Semi Hard Cheese
  • Helvetia Swiss Cheese, Stary Oldeder Aged Cheese, Kasztan Aged Cheese, Grand Gouda Semi Hard Cheese, and more!
  • Polish Imported Cold Cuts and Salamis
  • Krakus Ham, Chicken Kielbasa, Pork Kielbasa, Kabanosy, Biala Kielbasa, Kielbasa Krakowska Vucha, Kielbasa Pyszne and many more!

Greek Selection:

Yassas! Our selection of Greek products has been hand chosen by none other than our Greek Owners to assure only the highest quality. Choose from the following items and make your getaway to our Greek homeland, where old world hosting etiquette still beats true and a passion for food is ever present!

  • Kefalograviera from Amfilochia
  • Kasseri
  • Many choices of Greek Goat and Sheep Barrel Feta
  • Colossal Kalamata Olives
  • All imported from Greece by Olivio

Fresh Farms Brand:

We offer our own Cold Cut, Fresh Farms Brand meats that are lower in sodium, non-processed, Gluten-free with no MSG and MADE FRESH EVERYDAY in our own ovens!

  • Greek Style Turkey Breast
  • Oven Roasted Turkey Breast
  • Honey Roasted Turkey Breast
  • Greek Style Chicken Breast
  • Oven Roasted Chicken Breast
  • Honey Roasted Chicken Breast
  • Polish Brand Ham


Our family has traveled across the world in order to import our selection of sweets from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus because truly, We Bring the World to Your Table!

  • Dark and Milk Chocolates
  • Peanut, Pistachio, and Almond centered candies
  • Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry (and more) filled chocolates

As every individual department within stores add to our customers experience as whole, we are always striving to keep our customers needs in view so that we can assure products and service of only the highest quality. If you have any suggestions, comments or concerns regarding our store please refer to our Customer Input tab (located above) and tell us how we can better serve you!