We Bring the World to your Table

Your Community Produce Market, not Grocery Store

Our genealogy began with a passion for high quality produce decades ago delivering produce from the back of trucks on the streets of Chicago, and that passion still lives within us today. We are not a grocery store; we are a Produce Market. It just so happens that we also strive for excellence in bringing our customers the healthiest, most culture-specific grocery products from around the world that are hand selected by our buyers to satisfy the tastes of the community that surrounds each individual Fresh Farms location.

With regard to culture and our products, we work hard to choose only the most knowledgeable applicants to better serve the Chicagoland area, an area that is largely dominated by people who immigrated here as we did over 50 years ago. Although it isn’t a requirement, 95% of our work staff speaks two languages or more; this is done by design in order to better serve our equally well-cultured customers.